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As any construction site is impossible without a design solution, so are facade structures, since they are a complex engineered structure and require designing. Absence of a design results in violation of technology of installation, and, therefore, in reduction in the period of safe operation of a facade. Additionally, in a design is available, a situation of shortage or, on the contrary, of excess of structural elements is impossible. The working documentation contains precise specification for consumption of every element. This is especially important in case of a building located far from a warehouse.

The design department of our company performs development of working documentation for installation of the ZIAS systems.
All design solutions are completed with strict observation of the relevant regulations. High level of competence of our engineers permits that projects will be completed from any region, where system is present. Our design organization has a self-regulating company permit for completion of all works necessary for facade designing.

Development of any design starts with a statement of work. When preparing it, a project manager, jointly with a customer, clarify all nuances of designing. In addition to the statement of work, a customer has to provide layouts of the building, architectural and colour solutions in respect to facades. Additionally, characteristics of carrying foundation are defined. During field tests, carrying capacity of a tie in the wall is determined, and taken into account in course of strength calculations. After all input data are provided, a phase of designing begins. Normally, a time to complete an average design is not more than 2-3 weeks. In doing it, the designer may deliver his work results in stages for agreement.