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Bulk ceramics
Terra-cotta ceramic facade boards (bulk ceramics) are produced using special grades of clay, which gets, after baking, distinctive texture (from coarse to fine grains, with solid or partial polish) and colour (from black and brown red to light cream). Boards are produced using the method of extrusion with subsequent baking. To decrease specific gravity, there are cavities in the body of board.
Surface of boards can be of three principle types: smooth, rough or texture, with or without coating of glaze. For Russia, the material is relatively new, while many designs in Europe provide for using ceramic boards when building a facade.

Bulk ceramics compares favourably with conventional ceramic constructing materials. Broad selection of formats of such boards (from 150*600 to 500*1500), various textures of surfaces and broad colour range gives to the designs innovative and up-to- date appearance.

Hidden fastening method is used, where fasteners are installed on inside of a board using special fastening elements.

Facades look very beautifully when their finishing utilizes bulk ceramics of different colours or ceramics in combination with other materials. High frost resistance of the material permits its operation under severe climatic conditions.

Normally, ceramic boards are used for facades of administrative buildings, educational and medical facilities, business centers and elite residential buildings.

Advantages of ceramic finishing include: durability (over 50 years), frost resistance, fire and environmental safety, low thermal conductivity, absence of visible fasteners, natural colour range, low costs of operation, possibility to replace a damaged element.
ZIAS - 100.05
ZIAS - 100.05
ZIAS - 100.05