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HPL panels
HPL (High Pressure Laminate) panels represent man-made finishing material, which is manufactured by pressing in a hydraulic press and consists of sheets of cellulose impregnated with thermosetting resins. In process of pressing, at temperature of 150 С and pressure of 9 MPa, resin polymerization occurs with formation of irreversible connections, which ensures homogeneity and high density of material. Layer of texture and colour is applied to a front surface.
For the Russian facade market, the material is niche, volumes of installation are rather low as compared to other facade materials. It is mainly used for finishing of facades of trading centers, food service companies and low-rise construction.

Material is manufactured in a form of fat boards with dimensions of 4200 x 2000 mm and thickness of 2 to 30 mm.
Innovative production processes allow that any type of surface finishing is made, from matte to enamel and to structured surfaces. Material features a wide range of textures and colours, and permits to mimic virtually all types of materials. Both open and closed methods of installation of boards on a facade system are used.

— stability of geometric dimensions
— resistance to mechanical damages and wear
— water resistance, low water-absorbing capacity
— processibility on site
— no additional processing and protection of butts required
— resistance to stain formation, chemicals and organic solvents
— broad decorative opportunities
ZIAS - 100.02
ZIAS - 100.02