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Natural and man-made stones
Natural stone is very beautiful material, which will serve you for long time, but it is sophisticated. Selecting liner for a facade made of natural stones, one should take into account climatic peculiarities of the locale, and capacity of the foundation to carry their load
For instance, cold temperature is dangerous for limes, and it is not advisable to use them in cold climate, while marble does not stand moisture which must be taken in consideration when using it. Shell gravel and travertine are sensitive to exposure to gases. As a rule, natural stones are light, get dirty quickly, and they are used for lining of facades of buildings located far enough from industrial facilities and highways with heavy traffic.

Man-made stones were designed as an analog to natural materials, and today every manufacturer attempts to get their characteristics as close as possible to those of natural stones. Correspondingly, composition of man-made stones is made so that they obtain advantages such as durability, reliability, resistance to exposures to wind, moisture etc. As a result, using man-made stone in lining of a facade, one can get quality and reliable walls, and their finishing will last many years.

Man-made stone is perfect solution to finish various facades (including facades of common-use buildings, such as cafés, restaurants, banks etc.) and also a good decoration for many residential interiors.

Applications of man-made stones are very broad: from lining walls and foundations to small decorative inserts.

ZIAS - 100.05
ZIAS - 100.05